• Leo Sarkisian's portfolio book
    "Leo Sarkisian's portfolio book"
    by Jean-Patrick Guichard
  • Young Lady
    "Young Lady"
    by Cheikh Tidiane Keïta
  • Divine Look
    "Divine Look"
    by Djeka
  • United States of Africa
    "United States of Africa"
    by Doufaye
  • Grand Yoff 1
    "Grand Yoff 1"
    by Douts
  • Woman in Development
    "Woman in Development"
    by Kemboury Bessane
  • Ouagadougou Beauty Burkina Faso 1971
    "Ouagadougou Beauty Burkina Faso 1971"
    by Leo Sarkisian
  • Family Ties
    "Family Ties"
    by Mahmoud Baba Ly
  • Shame
    by Mbaye Ndoye
  • Keeper of African Secrets
    "Keeper of African Secrets"
    by Turay Mederic