Gallery Miriam


Guichard Solutions, established in 2009, specializes the promotion of works by young artists from French-speaking Africa, areas little known in the United States because of the language barrier, yet they overflow with artistic expressions that capture the soul of all art lovers.


Many of the young artists presented here are award winners of European and Asian competitions.  Their works hang on the walls of homes and galleries from Paris to Hong Kong and offer a glimpse of their countries of origin, because art is a mirror of a society.


While we specialize in art from French-speaking Africa, other unique objects by emerging artists and designers from all parts of sub-Saharan Africa will be highlighted on this site.


Be sure to catch our featured artists and spot sales that are presented each month.  We invite you to sign-up for our monthly alerts to be notified of upcoming events and sales on this site or exhibits in your area.   Rest assured that your information not be shared with others.


Finally, if you are interested in educational exchanges in the arts, be sure to visit our non-profit 501 (c) 3 Website at www.guichardartsolutions.org.


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