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MOULO Martial Desire is a painter / sculptor and a mirror and reminder of the tragedy that is human cruelty. Martial was born in 1974 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.  At first, the teenager vexed his father in his determination to make painting his trade to the detriment of classical studies. Especially since the early years of his apprenticeship to the painter Monique Rochier then that of Theodore Koudougon did not produce the desired results. This, to the chagrin of Martial himself who eagerly wanted to learn yet.


He was finally admitted into the workshop N'guesson Essoh. No longer enjoying the support of his father, he had to cover the cost of his own work materials.  To help meet these needs, he entered the SIFCOM contest, which he won. Galvanized by this success, everything happened very quickly.   His strong desire to learn, to comprehend, helped the young Martial to find his bearings. This stage where doubt and hope are the center of creation was formalized by a series of paintings he called "Finding Balance". In this phase of his work, we perceive at once his attraction to the material in his choice of media: tapa cloth, burlap, as well as in the wheelbase of his colors.


The period of assimilation of the trade ended, Martial launched into his own theory and produced a series of paintings called "Reflection," which mirrors his personality and concerns.  For Martial, only 15 in 1990, it became an urge to compensate for a period of bloody violence and anathemas.  His series of faces want to speak to us without words of the need to accept and understand that human beings have been and are still marked by the tragic cruelty pushed to its extreme during the 2002 civil war.


This confrontation with anguish is the total vision of alienation.  Silence is produced in Martial's works by the prominence of organs that support the human and humane identity: the eyes, the mouth, the ears.  They leads us to the awareness that we can obtain our freedom, our humanity and its foundations.


Excerpts from an article by Mimi Errol


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