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Cheikh Tidiane Keïta
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Cheikh Tidiane Keïta is a born artist - a painter and a musician.  His great passion for art led him through several courses to master the tools and techniques of painting.

Cheikh belongs to a younger generation of Senegalese artists.  He is one of the torch-bearers of the heavy and noble heritage left by the generation of the great Senegalese percussionist Djibril Ndiaye and jealously maintained by generations of Douts.  His work was revealed to audiences worldwide in 2005-2006, during a competition for a Union Award (an award he then won).

Cheikh’s work is representative of many different aspects of daily life in his native Senegal. The somber paintings express the sadness of his young characters.  They show individuals sitting on ordinary objects, their spines bent, giving off vibes of young men plagued by thoughts of escape or migration. The choice of colors, sometimes gentle, and at times aggressive, reflects the mood and tormented state of mind of the artist.

Cheikh’s life is deeply rooted in African culture, from whence his inspiration is drawn, and resulting in the originality of his work.  Cheikh is also part of a young and talented, Takeita (all family members), where he is a solo guitarist. Listen to a sampling of their music by clicking the button here.


 Cheikh and two other Senegalese artists shared an exhibit at the Gallery Serengeti in Capital Heights, Maryland in the US from October to December 2010.


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