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Kemboury Bessane
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Kemboury BESSANE was born in Sessene, Senegal in 1977.   After getting her high school diploma in 1996, she opted immediately to devote herself to art.  Her first training from 1998 to 1999 was in decorating and screen printing.  However, from 2001 to 2004 Kemboury received training in what she recognized as her first love, the  visual arts, attending the National School for the Arts in Dakar.  Her first solo exhibit was in 2008.  Since then she is in great demand, averaging at least four major exhibits per year in Senegal, other West African countries, North Africa and Europe.  This will be her first showing in the United States.


Quite articulate and thought provoking, Kemboury describes her search for self-identity and artistic consciousness in these terms:  "As a child, I let myself be guided by the indefinable appeal to this ideal that I could not name, that I still cannot name. Beauty or happiness? I do not even know why I want to dissociate the two.  Both, I believe, are confused in my mind. So, in my early childhood already, I loved drawing. This passion grew in me and with me...


"I chose my way: create lives, worlds, recreate the world. But the road, while winding (because of my passage through the study of decoration, then screen printing), lead me inexorably toward a goal still uncertain and unclear at that time... For me, it's painting."


Kemboury's works are "fertilized by the news.  Africa, with its injustices, poverty and wars that inhabit it, speaks to my imagination... My vision of Africa is definitely not an all black picture. It also contains large patches of hope in the emergence of a new Africa, more just and definitively tied to sustainable development.


The materials Kemboury uses range from salvaged electronic components and computer products to acrylic on canvas or paper. "This means that I am engaged in a dynamic artistic quest for the development of my continent, Africa, in harmony with the values ​​of yesterday at its foundation, and those of my era, which serves as the impetus to the world."


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