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Mahmoud Baba Ly
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Mahmoud Baba Ly undoubtedly gets his artistic talent from his father, the painter Amadou Dédé Ly, who does his best to encourage his son.  Baba’s paintings are all very vibrant with intense emotion. Painting for Baba is the reflection of a frozen reality of our daily lives and represents for him more than a trade; it is a passion.  You have to love it to do it.  The variety of colors and the tones that he has given to his characters are the essence of his paintings.  He has opted for the earth tones of brown, beige, gold, and ochre with a sheen that gives life to his works.  In his paintings, he integrates esthetic considerations and one rarely sees the faces of his characters.


A dedicated worker, little by little Baba sees himself rewarded for his efforts.  He has already begun to make a name for himself on the artistic scene where his youth constitutes a great handicap.  He is not too upset by that because he was noted in two contests: Le Passe, and, more recently the Cuomo Foundation competition in Monaco, where he was one of 10 finalists of the 65 beginning candidates.


Baba Ly’s studio is a meeting place for young talent like himself.  He says to whoever wants to listen, he is ready to help young people who are attracted to painting.


From October - December 2010, Baba, along with two other Senegalese artists, had an exhibit at Gallery Serengeti in Capital Heights, Maryland.


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