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Marvin Kehinde Omede


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Marvin Kehinde Omede was born 1976, in Benin City, Edo State. He had a background in Chemistry. Marvin later moved towards his passion to become a painter, his handling of the pallete is quite unique. He has been praised for his creative composition and bold rendering of colors. Marvin’s figurative images spark important questions and messages that challenge the viewer’s intellect.


The naïve and stylized drawings, which he conceptualized, has placed him yards apart from his contemporaries. Marvin, through his paintings, addresses topical, societal and global issues. His ultimate goal is to provoke creative discussion through his subject matters in the viewer, discussions that end in ways to better the human race.


His works are highly collected both in Nigeria and abroad. He authored a new book: “Rediscover Yourself The Abstract Way”, which was launched simultaneously with (S.N.A.) Society of Nigerian Artist 50TH anniversary, at Omenka gallery, Lagos Nigeria. A member of the Society of Nigerian Artist. He lives in Lagos Nigeria.


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