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Turay Mederic
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Turay Mederic’s passion for art started as a child.  At the age of four he was drawing cartoons and imitating painters such as Pablo Picasso, Basquiat or Salvador Dali. Mederic has diplomas from the Centre Technique des Arts Appliqués (Technical Center of Applied Arts) and l’Institut National Supérieurs des Arts et de la Culture (National Upper Institute for Arts and Culture) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


At the age of 20, Mederic started winning numerous art prizes with embassies and companies. The subjects in his paintings vary from African masks to African village ceremonies.  His paintings, though still pictorial, are sculpted as if to reject the tight barrier placed between the two disciplines, painting and sculpture.  Mederic calls his art “sculpainting.”  He utilizes African and ancient Egyptian symbols and other materials such as cowry shells, stacked canvas and wood.


Through his art, he embarks on rhetorical metaphors where signs feast on illusions to better tell Africa’s story.  His powerful art “sculpainting” has much to show us in the future.


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