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Cheikh Tidiane Keita

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Cheikh Tidiane Keita




Performance with students,  French School Jaques Prévert, Dakar

• Group Exhibit, Mermoz High School, Ouakam, Dakar



• Exhibit, 9th edition, National Show of Plastic Artists of Senegal

• Exhibit, Arté Gallery, Dakar 



• Group Exhibit, Gallery Serengeti, Capital Height, Maryland

• Exhibit for “350 Year Anniversary of the City of Saint Louis, Patio Gallery, Saint-Louis, Senegal

• Expo, Programme OFF, Biannual DAK-ART, Arté Gallery, Dakar

• Group exhibit,  home office, Fondation Sonatel, Dakar

• Group Exhibit, Dakar Womens Group



• Exhibit, Africa Has Its’ Voice,” Culture House Douta Seck



• Exhibit organized by the Cumo Foundation of Monaco, Monaco, France

• Award winner, First Prize, Cuomo Foundation of Monaco

• Exhibit during Great Arts Fair, ARCO 2008, Madrid, Spain

• Exhibit on Program OFF for the bi-annual DAK-ART, Residence of the Ambassador of Spain



• Exhibit, IFAN Museum, Dakar

• Exhibit, Young Plastic Artists of the Artists’ Village, Village Gallery, Dakar



• Regional Exhibit, Program OFF, bi-annual DAK-ART, Blaise Senghor Cultural Center,  Dakar

• Exhibit, Cultural Center of  Ziguinchor, Senegal

• Exhibit, Color Blue, Gorée, Senegal

• Exhibit Residence of the Swiss Ambassador, Dakar



• Exhibit Dakar Women’s Group, 3rd edition, American Cultural Center, Dakar

• Group Exhibit, Residence of the Hungarian Ambassador, Dakar

• Exhibit, Gallery Arté, Dakar

• Exhibit, Residence of Corinne Blanchette, Paris 18th



• Exhibit of the Young Cracks, organized by the City of Dakar

• Exhibit, Programme OFF, bi-annual DAK-ART 2004

• Exhibit, Hotel Méridien Président (September 30, 2004 - July 30, 2005)

• Exhibit Dakar Women’s Group 2nd edition, Dakar

• Exhibit, Arc en Ciel Cultural Complex in Louga



• Solo Exhibit, Comba Ndofène Diouf High School, Fatick, Senegal

• Solo Exhibit, Hotel Mindiss, Fatick, Sénégal

• Solo Exhibit, Mariama Ba School, Gorée,  Senegal

• Exhibit, Dakar Women’s Group 1st edition, Dakar



• Exhibit, Program OFF, bi-annual DAK-ART, Dakar, Sainte Marie de Hanne, Dakar

• Exhibit, Young Plastic Artists of the Artists’ Village, Blaise Senghor Cultural Center


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