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Mahmoud Baba Ly

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Mahmoud Baba Ly




• Performance with members of Orange France, Village of the Arts, Dakar
• Workshop on Engraving, Goethe Institut, Dakar
• Group Exhibit, Village of the Arts, entitled: At the Village School
• Group Exhibit, Eiffage Sénégal, Dakar
• Group Exhibit Dakar Womens’ Group
• Group Exhibit, Chambre of Commerce of Paris

• Group Exhibit, National Gallery for Aid to Haiti
• Painting Workshop with members of Apix
• Illustration book cover on  deontology for the CBAO
• Exhibit, Gallery Serengeti, Washington, D.C.
• Group Exhibit in Mali, May 28-31
• Exhibit “Vision”  with Jacques Ly, Village of the Arts, Program off DAK’ART
• Painting Workshop, Mermoz with Michel Choisne, French-Australian artist March 01 - April 30
• Group Exhibit, Sonatel  Foundation
• Exhibit,  Rade Circle, Dakar Women’s Group
• Exhibit, Hotel Le Méridien, Seigneurie Afrique

• Exhibit, Bresse in the Vosges, France
• Residency Exhibit program, Vosges, France with Jacques Ly, Photographer August 05 - November 05

• Exhibit, DAK’ART OFF, Ambre Gallery
• Exhibit, COMFOR
• Exhibit LOSITO, Village of the Arts, Dakar
• Exhibit, CUOMO Foundation, Monté Carlo, Monaco (Special Jury Prize)

• Competition, Le Pass, 1er Prize
• Exhibit,  International  Enconter, Bray, France
• Group Exhibit, Village of the Arts, Dakar
• Group Exhibit, IFAN Museum, Dakar
• Group Exhibit, Commercial Center QUATRE

• Exhibit LOSITO, Village of the Arts,  Dakar
• Exhibit, DAK’ART OFF, Ambre Gallery

• Solo Exhibit, Hotel Lagon 2, Dakar
• Exhibit, Dakar Women’s Group, 2nd Edition, American Cultural Center
• Exhibit, Showcase of Young Painters, organized by the Thiès Museum, Sénégal
• Exhibit,  Perspectives et preparations for the Festival of Black Arts, Marseille, France
• Exhibit, Dakar Women’s Group 3rd Edition, American Cultural Center

• Exhibit, Hommage to Iba Ndiaye DIADJI,  Dakar
• Exhibit, Dakar Women’s  Group 1st Edition, American Cultural Center
• Exhibit of the Young Cracks, City Hall, Dakar
• Exhibit and dialogue “Line and Form”, IFAN Museum, Dakar (3rd Prize)
• Workshop on Peace Among the People,  Cours Sainte Marie de Hann, Dakar


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